Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Visa, it's everywhere you want to be"

Does anyone remember the old visa commericals and the guy would state at the end "visa, it's everywhere you want to be"
well I'm changing it to "Visa, it's what you need for where you go" (maybe I missed my calling and should have been in marketing...?)

My offical documents came from China stating that I was a foreign expert... kind of funny in a demented sort of way- since I flunked ENG101 by 1.5%.

Anyway the next step is to mail more money, and about 5 different documents that have to be scanned, offical, stamped, signed, licked, folded in a quaderlateral, and current. Then I mail it to a 3rd party where more money will be shelled out, (to represent me) to obtain the much needed visa.

The very irritating/sad/depressing/discouraging, etc..... thing is that the price of visas will be raised $50. While $50 isn't the biggest amount in the world, it would be like taking a nice looking Grant and using it for fire kindling (plus my shots and my ticket cost more than planned, so that adds up to about $150)

PTL-anyway! ;)


Sandy said...

I'm impressed. You sat in my class for a whole semester and I had no idea that a foreign expert was in my midst! See you have a "Hyde" side too! :-)

Sarah J. Evans said...

I didn't know I was an expert either. :)