Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Motivation for Happiness

This past week I relearned that it is easy to depend on circumstances to "make me happy". I was sick, working 9-10 hour shifts with a break if I was "lucky", e-mail after e-mail that states that sorry another kink in the system the visa confirmation from China hasn't been sent, etc... I was also really discouraged spiritually.
I read I John 1:9 If I confess He will forgive, I had a million things happening inside my head, and half of them were lies. Oy! On Sunday God really convicted me and encouraged me to hope in Him, and to stop believing lies.
Monday I received a check from my extension church that will cover the ever rising cost of my visa! PTL
Monday I got the news that the confirmation was in the mail coming here!
Monday I got the news that we could go ahead and order our tickets!

God really showed me that I wanted ALL of these things to happen last week, but God wanted me to encourage myself in Him and not my circumstances. After the work God did in my heart, Monday's happenings were just the cherry on top!

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