Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Visa, it's everywhere you want to be"

Does anyone remember the old visa commericals and the guy would state at the end "visa, it's everywhere you want to be"
well I'm changing it to "Visa, it's what you need for where you go" (maybe I missed my calling and should have been in marketing...?)

My offical documents came from China stating that I was a foreign expert... kind of funny in a demented sort of way- since I flunked ENG101 by 1.5%.

Anyway the next step is to mail more money, and about 5 different documents that have to be scanned, offical, stamped, signed, licked, folded in a quaderlateral, and current. Then I mail it to a 3rd party where more money will be shelled out, (to represent me) to obtain the much needed visa.

The very irritating/sad/depressing/discouraging, etc..... thing is that the price of visas will be raised $50. While $50 isn't the biggest amount in the world, it would be like taking a nice looking Grant and using it for fire kindling (plus my shots and my ticket cost more than planned, so that adds up to about $150)

PTL-anyway! ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Motivation for Happiness

This past week I relearned that it is easy to depend on circumstances to "make me happy". I was sick, working 9-10 hour shifts with a break if I was "lucky", e-mail after e-mail that states that sorry another kink in the system the visa confirmation from China hasn't been sent, etc... I was also really discouraged spiritually.
I read I John 1:9 If I confess He will forgive, I had a million things happening inside my head, and half of them were lies. Oy! On Sunday God really convicted me and encouraged me to hope in Him, and to stop believing lies.
Monday I received a check from my extension church that will cover the ever rising cost of my visa! PTL
Monday I got the news that the confirmation was in the mail coming here!
Monday I got the news that we could go ahead and order our tickets!

God really showed me that I wanted ALL of these things to happen last week, but God wanted me to encourage myself in Him and not my circumstances. After the work God did in my heart, Monday's happenings were just the cherry on top!

Friday, July 13, 2007

China Update

I should have the last piece of info needed this week! Then I will be able to apply for my visa.

I found out that I will be teaching Sophomore Oral English- is that scary or what?

Monday, July 9, 2007

How It All Began!

Last summer I had the opportunity to serve on the tropical island of Guam. I was there for two months, and it was a great experience. I really discovered my love for Asian cultures.

Finishing my senior year at Northland I was interested in island camp ministry. The Lord was opening a door for me to serve at a Christian school/camp in Hawaii. I was really excited about going, the Lord clearly closed the door for that ministry. I was absolutely crushed, being a senior and at the stage of my life where I was obviously supposed to know what to do with the rest of me life. I grudgingly looked for other camps that had openings, while there were several openings I had no rest and had no desire to serve in any of the positions. The Lord solidified going to grad. school in Penn., but I knew that I wasn't supposed to go right away. Still uncertain about the many options that lay before me I said no to them all knowing I was not supposed to be at any of those places, but still having a desire to go. The Lord began convicting me re: a ministry at my home church and just working for a year or so to save money for grad school. I decided that home was where I was supposed to go, but still desiring to go, but knowing that was not where I was supposed to be. April is Northland's Missions's conference- I love mission's conference it is the most amazing experience ever! Many boards had various opportunities, I was talking with a mission board about going to South Africa, etc... finally I saw it. "English Teachers needed in China" I knew that was where I was supposed to be!!! I figured pursue it, and if it is a no then I have nothing to lose. I asked about it, and here I am... appx. 1 month away from teaching in China.

I have heard about the team China trips and have always wanted to go, but I get more than 5 weeks. I get a whole year! It is so cool how God has clearly prepared me for this in my future by equipping me in my past and present.